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If product innovation, packaging reduction,
or improved margins are anywhere on
your agenda, then the new Flexowrap
Packaging System is the perfect
solution for your business.

This website will give you a general
overview. For the full picture, please
contact us for a demonstration
or an information pack.

Flexowrap is the new smart automated packaging
system destined to become the preferred alternative
to the ubiquitous ready-meal card sleeve.

Consisting of two components – intelligent clean technology
and rolls of high quality low cost printed film, the Flexowrap
system produces unique film sleeves of any width, with or
without a window, which can then be positioned anywhere
on a tray – and with infinitely variable tension, customers
can still slide the sleeve to see the product if they wish.

Our Vision:
To become the clear leader in the world of frozen and chilled ready-meal packaging.

Our Mission:
To provide a viable, and worthy alternative to the standard card sleeve or label through the use of
clean technologies and high quality printed films.

Our Proposition:
To reduce costs, minimise waste and increase productivity.

Brian Franks: is the MD of Flexowrap Limited, and has over 30 years experience working within the
food manufacturing industry.
Ian Haywood: manages business development and brand communications to make sure that no
business misses out on this essential new technology.
Karl Williams: has worked extensively around the globe on major engineering programmes within
the packaging industry and is in charge of manufacturing and research & development.

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