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Imagine your ready meal ranges wrapped with
film sleeves that cost significantly less than the traditional card equivalent.

Now imagine the savings you will make in waste
taxes and environmental efficiencies knowing these
film sleeves weigh 10 times less than card.

And by doing this at a rate of up to 40 per minute
on an automated machine, imagine the increased
productivity you could achieve for your business.

Flexowrap is the world’s first in-line automated
ultrasonic film-sleeving technology for the
ready meal market. Developed by SIB Technology,
with worldwide patents in place, Flexowrap is set
to change the face of own-brand ready-meal
packaging by cutting costs, minimising waste and
increasing productivity.

And the major benefits to you are, enhanced
margins, product differentiation and durability
throughout the supply chain.

This unique application of technology combines
ultrasonic welding together with cam driven
engineering and intuitive programmable software.

Simple to set up and even easier to use, Flexowrap
has minimal moving parts ensuring minimum
downtime and low-cost operating.

This fully automated film sleeving machine has
been developed to work with a wide variety of trays
that are in general daily use. The highly engineered
tray ‘forms’ are interchangable and adjustable, and
require no specialist skills to set up.

Tension of the film sleeve is infinitely variable, as is
the final position of the film sleeve on the tray – and
because laminated film is more durable than card,
it can be frozen, which cuts out repetative handling
of delicate products.

Film sleeves are supplied on a roll and can be
printed on a variety of substrates with state-of-the-
art flexo or gravure print technologies. The latest
reproduction techniques give stunning high
definition results – and by changing the width, the
graphics, the material and the position on the tray,
a wide range of packaging options is available.

And all of this at a significantly lower cost than
traditional card sleeves.

The Flexowrap system does not simply finish
when your ready meals roll off the end ready for
boxing and dispatch.

Any number of after-sleeve processes can be
easily bolted on. Data scanners, thermal printers,
barcode readers and labelling machines can all
be added to create a tailored solution to meet
your traceability and duty of care obligations.

Although derived from fossil fuels, a typical
Flexowrap film sleeve has a carbon footprint 3
times less than that of an equivalent card sleeve.
And this of course will reduce considerably if
a biodegradable film is introduced into the mix.

The weight of a Flexowrap sleeve is just 10% of
the card equivalent, and a single spool contains
up to 6000 wraps – waste taxes will be less.
Volume, pro-rata, is 15 times less than that of card
so costs associated with transportation, storage
and handling can also be reduced.

The efficiency of the Flexowrap system is equally
matched by our essential support facilities.
From approved film suppliers and high quality
printers, to 24/7 call-out and product development
programmes, the Flexowrap team is focused on
delivering the essential services your organisation

Call us for a demonstration of how our flexible packaging system can make a difference to your operations.

Our industry focused approach to the launch of
this new technology means we will find a solution
to suit you. Whether you need to cut the cost of
your packaging, increasing margins in manufacture
or making savings in waste taxes, we can help.

Alternatively, if you feel Flexowrap can provide you
with an investment opportunity and you wish to
become involved, we would be delighted to hear
from you.